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Hocken Snapshop

Established in 2010 Hocken Snapshop was the original Recollect site for the Hocken Collections. The images are of a lower quality and have more minimal metadata than those found elsewhere on the expanded Hocken Recollect site. (Since we first launched Hocken Snapshop, there have been many advances in copying technology and standards.) These lower-quality images are not suitable for reproduction in publications or for commercial products. They are slowly being replaced with higher quality images and we are very happy to create a high-resolution copy for you if you do require it. You are still welcome to use these Hocken Snapshop images for a variety of purposes, however. Please refer to the information in Use and copying. As we re-digitise images available in Hocken Snapshop to current standards, the lower quality image will be withdrawn from this Snapshop collection and become available on the general site.



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