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Information on Ordering Images for Publication or Commercial Use

For print or online publications (excluding blogs and non-commercial web pages), public display or commercial use, the Hocken Collections will supply a high-resolution digital format file. You will need to:

  • Confirm permission of the Hocken for publication, or commercial use of the image
  • Where a work is still in copyright, obtain the written permission of the copyright holder
  • Place an order to purchase the high-resolution file


In addition to a supply fee (the charge for the provision of a high-resolution image),  the use of any of these images for commercial purposes may also incur a reproduction fee.

Activities deemed ‘Commercial Use’ include: advertising publicity and products including book covers, cards, tea-towels, calendars, and other merchandise; logos; television, film or video; company or for-profit websites; business use;  and decoration and display in commercial premises such as hotels, bars, supermarkets and cafés.

Please refer to our Reproduction and copying terms and conditions and Price list for information about our services, copyright conditions and fees.


Requests for images for publication or commercial use should be made to